Mysa Khan, the Ambassador for the Pakistan Pavilion- A Role Model for all the Pakistani girls, successful yet demure and a slave to her culture and principles”

Pakistan, the Land of the Pure… what other way could we have to showcase our rich culture and heritage than to show be a part of cultural events!

I would like to personally Thank each and every one of you for your continues support and generous contributions this year. With the help of my dedicated team, I have taken the initiative to place Pakistan on the globe with other nations to celebrate diversity and cultural ethnic events. And I am fast moving to hosting a couple of multi cultural events representing our beloved homeland Pakistan. It’s a wonderful feeling to see Pakistan’s name being mentioned in these events… I remember, while doing my various performances in the South-Asian community I was sad to observe that there is no representation of my country, Pakistan in any of these multi-cultural festivals. So within my means of being a Singer, I have managed to put together a team to organize the schedule of these events… It may seem easy when you are on the other side but when you are actually organizing it…it’s another story!

After hosting the event for two years now I feel a sense of achievement and am very happy that I have done my duty to my nation, fans & my people. I thank God for all his blessings in giving me the talent to sing. I would not have succeeded in this mission if I was not a well-known performer and known and liked by hundreds and thousands of my fans all over North-America. The fan-mail which I receive for hosting the Pakistan Pavilion is amazing and the emotions of the Pakistani people in seeing that now there is a Pakistan Pavilion is very touching and rewarding.

So once again I would like to Thank you for sending me all those wonderful letters of support and gratitude… you guys have made me stronger. My advice to all of you would be to believe in yourself because everything is possible if you have faith in yourself. Respect your parents, love your country and God will fulfill all your Dreams!

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