Message from the President, Yasmine Khan


We make a living by what we get;
we make a life by what we give.” 

Winston Churchill



My Gratitude and Thanks

All the Magnanimous Sponsors of the Pakistan Pavilion, my Erudite Board of Directors, the very Supporting Vendors, the Enthusiastic Volunteers, my Sincere Well-wishers and all my Dedicated Critics

(Please give me your feedback 416-876-6460)

For making both our cultural events- Carassauga (Mississauga’s Multicultural Event) and Carabram

Yasmine Khan With Her Worship,
Mayor Hazel

(Brampton’s Multicultural Event) come through without whom … each and every one of the above, we would not have had the motivation, the spirit, the inspiration to host the “Pakistan Pavilion”.

This exciting celebration showcases the rich ethnic diversity, which exists in our city and helps to strengthen the cultural ties that bind us together. The success of the Festival is dependent on the hard work and dedication of hundreds of volunteers. Your sponsorship and support towards this world class event will help to ensure its success for the coming years.

The idea of hosting the Pakistan Pavilion was merely to create an awareness amongst the Pakistani people of the spirit of multiculturism that exists amongst the more than 69 cultures existing side by side in the Region of Peel in the coming years.

Yasmine Khan With Her Worship,
Mayor Susan Fennel

The Aims & Objectives of the ACPO Association for the Canadians Of Pakistani Origin is to support, encourage and promote the youth of the South-Asian community in the field of art, literature and music. The membership is free…so please do fill out the Volunteer/ Membership form which are available at the premises and give it to one of our members.

We invite you to accept the challenge of taking the Pakistan Pavilion to the next level for 2007.


Yasmine Khan

Disclaimer :

This is an online site for information best available to us… Please send feedback for positive information only to the email address provided or on Facebook …to provide a positive image of Pakistanis worldwide and in Canada…our Homeland Canada and Motherland Pakistan …No responsibility is taken if information by mistake is not correct. Please do let us know. We do try to help our Canadian and Pakistani friends….We shall do our best to correct it …send an email to email address provided or a facebook message to our facebook page ACPO. You can send requests to join our Facebook page ACPO where we shall assess all posts are relevant and follow the rules of Facebook and our Group.

At the moment we shall not be hosting Pakistan Pavilion at any location in Canada or in Pakistan. The photos and info provided in the website and on Facebook and on twitter accounts is to boost the moral of the Pakistani Canadians and Pakistani youth to promote the culture of Pakistan… We are a small group at the moment and have this Not for Profit Association since 2005 and looking for Loving Personalities who sincerely and passionately believe in the goals for the Association Our Goal was to host the Pakistan Pavilion at multicultural festivals in Canada ..Since this celebration was sadly lacking in most parts of the world in 2005 to host the Pakistan Flag at the Festivals and Events Since then… the Pakistan Media, television stations are all over the world , promoting culture in the areas of FOOD, Tv Dramas, Patriotic Songs , and the celebrations for the National Events like Pakistan Day Celebrations… Eid Festivities.. Cultural Festivals the Wedding Show which was a part of our Cultural showcase is now for the last so many years in the Television Morning Shows of ARY Television and GEO Television. And Zubaida Apa started the Food Channels and has left a legacy for all Pakistani Women to follow for generations to come in the areas of Food and Herbal Remedies. Today the YouTube Channel is available for all to learn about the Pakistani Culture in all the four areas of Food, National Dress, Regions, Languages & Dialects , Art & Literature and much more …with glorious photos and illustrations and videos We shall continue to the best of our limited abilities to keep this website active and shall try to add contents…
Our Humble thanks and Gratitude to all Visitors to our website, www.pakcultures.com
Please enjoy our humble efforts to promote a Colorful Image of our Beautiful Homeland Canada and Beautiful Motherland Pakistan ….
Long live Canada and Pakistan….

Yasmine Khan
Association for the Canadians of Pakistani Origin

Disclaimer :

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